Financial Reports


Collegiate Consulting has offers Financial Reports to collegiate athletic conferences and NCAA Division I, II, III and NAIA institutions.  Our analyses provide athletic departments with a complete financial benchmarking tool by comparing revenues, expenses and other non-financial data.  The financial reports are individually tailored to serve as a resource tool for athletic programs to analyze and asses their own financial metrics against their peer institutions.  Some metrics assessed include athletic revenue, sport expenses, recruiting budgets, financial aid costs and, most recently, a cost-of-attendance analysis.

Reports are customizable by each institution or conference to benchmark a programs financial and non-financial data against peer groups such as:

  • All Division Institutions
  • Conference Members
  • Subdivisions
  • Regional Peers
  • Public/Private Institutions
  • Aspirant Peers
  • Multi-Divisional &Conference Comparisons
  • Directors’ Cup Top 25 Institutions

To examine how your institution’s metrics can be tailored to your needs, please review your institutions respective classification order form below:

  • Division I Financial Report
  • Division II Financial Report
  • Division III Financial Report
  • NAIA Financial Report
  • Conference Financial Report