Feasibility Study 


One of the biggest decisions an athletic department can make is to add an additional sport, change NCAA divisional designation or conference realignment.  The most critical aspect to make an informed decision is a comprehensive feasibility study weighing all relevant factors into the decision.

Collegiate Consulting provides support to colleges and universities on two fronts:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Division I Financial Report
  • Division II Financial Report
  • Division III Financial Report
  • NAIA Financial Report
  • Conference Financial Report

Collegiate Consulting provides schools with the resources and tools to take the next step forward.  We offer comprehensive feasibility studies examining infrastructure, fundraising, facilities, revenue and expenditures, current market trends, NCAA issues, community support to create a cost-benefit analysis and to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to implement your objectives.

Our customized and hands-on approach will provide assistance to our partners through every step of the process, and we will continue to supply services and assistance after completion of the feasibility study as our partners initiate the procedures to move forward.

Collegiate Consulting’s market research and benchmarking services provide our partners with up-to-date and comprehensive data across a broad spectrum of categories to provide critical comparative data to assist schools in their decision making.

The data presented in our research and analysis will compare budgets, multimedia agreements, corporate sales, fundraising, licensing revenue, web revenue, ticketing revenue, attendance and graduation rates – just a few of the more than 20 categories that Collegiate Consulting will continually monitor and update.  Each report will be customized according to our partner’s criteria.